Surface Innovation in Parry Sound, Ontario offers a flexible stone veneer with virtually limitless applications. Our customer service and reputation for quality combine to offer our customers an innovative product with unparalleled service. Below are some key benefits to SlateFlex and SandFlex flexible veneer.



The thin veneer opens limitless applications such as aircraft, marine and RV’s.


The natural slate and sandstone is inherently green, and the lightweight attribute reduces carbon gases through reduced transportation costs.


The cost of SlateFlex and SandFlex installed per square foot offers a greatly reduced cost compared to thicker slate and sandstone while allowing many more installation applications.


The flexibility allows installation on both concave and convex surfaces.


Veneer is easily installed using standard woodworking tools and adhesives.  Special stone mason skills are not required.

GREEN Engineering

Reduced Carbon Emissions

SlateFlex and SandFlex weighs approximately 8 – 12 oz per square foot. This is approximately 1/20th of the weight of standard 3/8″ slate! ¬†As a result, transport costs and carbon emissions are dramatically reduced.

Efficient Natural Resource Usage

Slate and sandstone are non-renewable resources which should be used with responsible efficiency. SlateFlex and SandFlex are 8 – 10 times thinner (1 – 2 mm) than standard slate and sandstone and therefore increases the usage efficiency exponentially!

Natural Product

While many manufacturers use synthetic materials to attempt an imitation look of stone, SlateFlex and SandFlex offer the stunning beauty of actual slate and sandstone.

The lightweight veneer is a “Green Product”, since it opens up new applications, and also provides energy savings through reduced transport costs and easier installation.