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DH Design does it up right!

SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio - Bar Front - DH Design @ Ashburn Golf Club

SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio

Denise Hermanson and her team at DH design, one of Halifax’s premier design firms, knows how to take your project from concept to… Wow!  Check out the new lounge at the Ashburn Golf Club. Upscale design with warm, earthy tones and textures.  The perfect fusion of earthy and modern.

Denise used SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio on the face of the bar.  This very flexible, natural sandstone product comes on a roll 39″ x 106″ and is about 2.5 – 3mm in thickness.  Easy to install, the SandFlex product is applied in no time.  To protect it from the odd scuff mark RCS Construction, contractor for this project from Bedford, Nova Scotia, used a graffiti resistant, anti-abrasion clear coat.

DH Design
Beechville, NS