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Debbie Travis reviews Barnwood from Surface Innovation

Monday, April 8th, 2013
Debbie Travis  Sat Apr 06 2013 00:01:00  The Hamilton Spectator

Wood and stone tiles have visual punch and flexibility

What inspires us when decorating? It can be a home we have just purchased, a change in lifestyle, a new member of the family, or the changing of the seasons.

Another big factor is a new product I cannot resist.

At a recent home show I checked out a barnwood wall — not new, but the wood was recycled and fashioned into tiles with a fabric backing. The square and rectangular tiles run horizontal or diagonal, and lock together for easy installation. They are protected with a low VOC ceramic finish.

The barnwood wall tiles have a rich variety of natural colours and textures for a more refined rustic backdrop. These tiles can make tables, wall art, a backsplash or a feature wall.

 Barnwood tiles form a rustic backdrop in a family room.
Barnwood tiles form a rustic backdrop in a family room.   Surface Innovation

Along with reclaimed barnwood, Surface Innovation has stone veneers that belie the very character of stone — they are flexible. This is accomplished by cutting the stone very thin and applying it to a flexible backing.

Slate, granite, and sandstone veneers are cut into tiles or panels that wrap around curves. The lightweight stone veneers can go over most existing surfaces. Slateflex tiles also can be grouted for added realism. Not just for walls, these flexible stone veneers can be applied to tables, columns, counters, and lighting.

Natureflex tiles are another new product from Surface Innovation made from hand-laid Capiz shells. Their sparkle is beautiful in a bathroom.

Tiles and panels are made from water hyacinth plants, and can be used for headboards, lamp shades, and wall features.

The tiles could update a fireplace, or transform a kitchen or dining room tabletop to a fabulous conversation piece.

Email questions to house2home@debbietravis.com. debbietravis.com

DH Design does it up right!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio - Bar Front - DH Design @ Ashburn Golf Club

SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio

Denise Hermanson and her team at DH design, one of Halifax’s premier design firms, knows how to take your project from concept to… Wow!  Check out the new lounge at the Ashburn Golf Club. Upscale design with warm, earthy tones and textures.  The perfect fusion of earthy and modern.

Denise used SandFlex 930M Rustico Grigio on the face of the bar.  This very flexible, natural sandstone product comes on a roll 39″ x 106″ and is about 2.5 – 3mm in thickness.  Easy to install, the SandFlex product is applied in no time.  To protect it from the odd scuff mark RCS Construction, contractor for this project from Bedford, Nova Scotia, used a graffiti resistant, anti-abrasion clear coat.

DH Design
Beechville, NS

A March Day by the Bay

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

What does this blog have to do with flexible stone veneers?  Absolutely nothing… but as I sat at my desk today watching the Seguin River flow into Georgian Bay in Parry Sound’s Harbour, with July weather in March, I just couldn’t help sharing this short video with you.

We have the privilege of working in an office that is literally nestled beside the harbour and often enjoy the beauty of nature out our window.  If your travels ever take you to this neck of woods be sure and drop by.

Condo Reno’s Simplified

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I was involved with a condo reno recently helping the owners update their 60’s style condo with a new fresh contemporary look.  The project was the addition of a fireplace feature and large screen TV to add warmth and ambiance to the living room. The owners had taken their flat living room wall and added a painted build-out to house the TV and a fire feature.

The addition of SlateFlex #400 Colour Mix in a large 35 x 94″ size applied horizontally gives a contemporary look while maintaining the earthy, textured look they were looking for. The unique feature of this flexible slate veneer is that 70 sq.ft of real stone was easily hand carried up the elevator and weighted only about 35lbs.  The result… well the photos speak for themselves.

IDS 2012

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

I had a chance to visit IDS 2012 this past weekend. I’m usually too busy manning the Surface Innovation booth, which we didn’t do this year…too busy and too many new projects underway. Lots of amazing products and ideas.

You must check out AM Studio for artistic lighting design and advanced fused glass technology http://www.amstudio.ca/LightGallery/LightGallery_01.htm