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Modern Rustic…hmmm

Can these two styles work together?  Can you fuse modern and rustic in a single, unified space?  Natalie Guenette and her design team of 6 at La Cuisine in Sudbury, ON, have done just that, merging both styles together as they designed the kitchen space for the 2014 Sudbury Kinsmen Lottery Home.  Combining modern design and style in the cabinets with the rustic elements of weathered, self-adhesive barnboard (YES, self-adhesive!) for the bar face and backsplash, the Kinsmen kitchen is clean, fresh and open with the barnboard features of warmth and earthiness to ground it.  Give us a call to discuss how our self-adhesive barnboard can work for you!


Barnboard PS on bar - Kinsmen Lottery Home - La Cuisine - Sudbury, ON