924V Laguna Avorio - Zenbanx - Janice Meredith & Lisa Suutari DesignOur exciting range of products now includes one of the most unique and innovative surface products in recent memory; SandFlex – a thin and very flexible sandstone veneer sheet. Nature has given us exquisite beauty to enjoy, and with many striking colours from across the colour palette, a wide range of colours and textures is now available in a flexible SandStone sheet.  Designers, architects, commercial builders, developers and home owners will visualize an endless supply of creative applications. The thin veneer and light weight opens a whole NEW range of applications for Sandstone.
Review this unique collection and bring nature’s palette to your design dreams.

Technical Parameters:   SandFlex Installation Inst.
Roll size is dependant on colour: 50” x 102” (1270 x 2590 mm) 47″ x 106″ (1190 x 2690 mm)
Weight:  approximately ½ to ¾ lbs per sq. ft.
Adhesives:  SandFlex should be applied using a ceramic wall or floor tile mastic. The Adhesive product needs to be white in colour and stain free.
Cutting:   SandFlex can be cut using utility knife or hand snips.
Sealer:  SandFlex comes pre-primed.  An additional clear coat may be required depending on your application.